Help women who run away from war
Weʼre raising 10,000$ to Help the women and children affected by war
We are raising funds to help women and children suffered from Russia's military aggression and have been forced to relocate to the western and central regions of Ukraine or abroad.
What happened?
World media about the situation
What will the funds be used for?
We will createa hotline and information resources (including a chatbot, filled and run by special coordinators, this chatbot will be segmented to provideallthe necessary information about transport, safety, accommodation, medical services, pharmacies and grocery stores, overcrowding (some cities are congested and others still have places to settle), services for children and the elderly.
They were forced to leave their homes... It's happening now!
Who are we?
Ukrainian NGO "European Youth League"/ Public Organization. Since 2006 organizationhas been working with young people indifferentyouth programs abroad, training and retraining of young professionals. During our activity we have organized more than 30 specialized programs in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain. Our team works with Ukrainian influencers and international young business, the startup community and IT specialists.
/This was before the war... Now we have to help and we know how to do it/
Help us to make women's lives safe
You can make your contribution to help Ukrainian women
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I stay in Ukraine
Natalia Mazur
Head of Council of the European Youth League
NGO Supporting Documents
"European Youth League" / "Європейська Молодіжна Ліга"
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The European Youth League was registered in 2006. Every year the organization successfully submits all required reports.
The European Youth League is a public organization and has the status of a non-profit. He successfully implements all his activities in the field of public programs
Supporting documents can be downloaded from this website above
How will my donation be used ?
Your contribution is voluntary, credited to the account of the European Youth League (NGO EYL) "for the implementation of programs to help women and children who are fleeing the war in Ukraine".
Overall, 96% of our resources are used for projects in the field and our social missions and 4% to our operating costs.
If you want to transfer your contribution to the account, then use these details:
IBAN: UA073052990000026004026704624
USREOU code: 34344051
Company address: UA 01001 Kyiv, вул Tarasivska str, 4а, ap.2


Currency: USD (US Dollar)
Purpose of payment: voluntary contribution for the implementation of programs to help women in Ukraine
Correspondent banks:
Account in the correspondent bank 001-1-000080
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank CHASUS33
Correspondent bank JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York ,USA

European Youth League (NGO EYL) Public Organization
Європейська Молодіжна Ліга (ГО ЄМЛ) Громадська організація
01001, Ukraine, Kyiv, Tarasivska str.14, ap.2
tel.: (& WhatsApp, & Telegram): +38-068-939-90-00